Monday, July 28, 2014
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Finding A Lawyer

When dealing with a legal issue, it is often in your best interest to consult with a lawyer who can evaluate your case and guide you in the appropriate direction. Finding a lawyer involves identifying what your legal needs are and selecting an attorney who has experience in that area of law. Other factors which you may want to consider in selecting the right lawyer include:

  • Meeting with the lawyer first to see if you feel comfortable and confident in him/her
  • Asking the lawyer to give you an assessment of your case; many times your expectations may be different from what the law allows, so it is important to have realistic goals which you and your attorney have discussed
  • Have a clear understanding of the fees which the lawyer will charge

Becoming involved in the legal system can be very intimidating, and it is never an easy task to have to seek out a lawyer to help you. However, finding the right attorney can make your experience in the courts much less stressful and can help your case to move forward more efficiently.

You can find a lawyer by looking in the telephone directory, doing on-line research, or by calling the Delaware County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at (610) 566-6625, extension 221. CLICK HERE for more information about the Lawyer Referral Service.