Thursday, July 24, 2014
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DCBA Speakers Policy

The Delaware County Bar Association ("the DCBA") is a tax-exempt organization registered and operating within Internal Revenue Code Section 50l(c)(6).  The DCBA is dedicated to promoting and advancing the highest ideals of the legal profession through continuing legal education programs and other community and member services.

To achieve its goals and preserve public credibility and effectiveness, the DCBA shall maintain a non-partisan or apolitical presence in our community.   As a matter of policy, the DCBA does not endorse, sponsor, or affiliate with any candidate for political office, or with any political party or organization.

In inviting speakers to DCBA sponsored events, the Association shall remain mindful of its commitment to both appear and in fact be non-partisan.   All speakers shall be approved by the Executive Director and shall be provided with this policy to enforce the Association's  position that DCBA activities are not partisan.

Nothing in this resolution shall be interpreted as preventing or limiting the DCBA from conducting and publicizing member plebiscites on judicial candidate qualifications or from ( engaging in activities which support judicial retention or are intended to educate the voting public regarding judicial retention elections, so long as such activities are conducted in a strictly non-partisan manner.

Moreover, nothing in this Resolution shall be interpreted as limiting the DCBA from considering, debating, commenting publicly upon, or advocating positions and issues which are directly of interest to its members and/or the legal profession.

Resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on November 18, 2009.