Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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The Delaware County Bar Association has two types of Committees.  “Standing Committees” are created pursuant to the Association By-Laws and cannot be changed without an amendment of the By-Laws.  “Other Committees” are created by the President , in consultation with the Board, as necessary.

To join one of these Committees or get more information about them, please contact William Baldwin, Executive Director, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Standing Committees

Audit Committee                               Chairs:  Michael P. Pierce and Donald J. Weiss
Budget and Finance Committee Chairs: Jonathan Peri and Donald J. Weiss
By-Laws Committee Chair: Robert F. Kelly, Jr.
E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Fund Chair: Robert N. Speare
Executive Committee President:  Jonathan Peri
Nominating Committee Chair: Lyn B. Schoenfeld
Long Range Planning Committee Chairs:  Michael P. Pierce and Michael F. Wenke
Membership and Orientation Committee                                 Chairs: Eugene J. Malady and Mary V.Z. Wachterhauser

Other Committees

Accounting and the Law                          Chair: Joseph P. O'Brien                                            
Alternative Dispute Resolution Chair: Andrew J. D'Amico
Arbitration Chair: Donald M. Grimes
Bankruptcy Chair: Scott F. Waterman
Bench Bar Conference Chair: Colleen M. Neary
Bench Bar Relations Chair: William G. Halligan
Civil Rights Chair: Nancy C. DeMis
Community Outreach Chair: Gene A. Foehl
Corporate Counsel Chair: Jonathan Peri
County Council/Bar Relations Chair: John P. McBlain
Courthouse Space Chair:  Michael P. Pierce
Disability Law Chair: M. Shannon Moore
District Justice Chairs: Stephanie H. Klein and Christopher R. Mattox
Economics of the Practice of Law Chair: Eugene J. Malady
Elder Law Chairs: Linda Anderson and Dana Breslin
Entertainment/Social Chair:  William Chip Mackrides
Federal Practice Chair:  Robert M. Firkser
Fee Dispute Resolution Chair: R. Scott Aldridge
Golf Chairs:  William G. Halligan and F. harry Spiess, Jr.
Historical Records Chair: F Harry Spiess
Immigration Law Chair: Laurence L. Smith
Insurance and Benefits Chair: J. Michael Sheridan
Intellectual Property Chair: Robert B. Famiglio
Judicial Selection/Retention Chair: Jonathan Peri
Labor and Employment Law Chairs:  Jonathan Peri and Nancy C. DeMis 
Law Day  Chair: Scott C. Gottel 
Lawyer Advice and Help  Chairs: Raymond J. Falzone and Thomas J. Stapleton 
Legal Education-Civil Division  Chairs: Joseph J. Delsordo and Patrick Shea 
Legal Education-Criminal Division  Chair:  Lorraine M. Ramunno 
Legal Education-Family Law Division  Chair: Patricia H. Donnelly 
Legal Education-Orphans' Court Division      Chair:  Robert R. DeLong, Jr. 
Legal Journal Chair:  Ronald A. Amarant 
Legislative  Chairs:  Leonard A. Sloane and Frank J. Wesner, Jr. 
Mastership List  Chair:  Michael R. Sweeney 
Medical-Legal Chair:  Virgie M. Vakil 
Municipal Solicitors- Boroughs/Townships  Chair: George B. Cordes 
Municipal Solicitors- School Districts  Chair: Michael P. Pierce 
Newsletter  Chair:  Kathryn A. Meloni 
Past Presidents  Chairs: Colleen M. Neary and Michael P. Pierce 
Personnel  Chairs: Craig B. Huffman and Gerald C. Montella 
Pro Bono Steering and Legal Services to Poor     Chairs: Stephanie H. Klein and Donald J. Weiss 
Real Estate Practices  Chair: Vincent B. Mancini 
Rules-Civil  Chair: Nicole M. Brungard 
Rules-Criminal  Chair: Douglas L. Smith 
Rules-Family Law  Chair: Kathryn L. Hillbush 
Rules-Orphans' Court  Chair: Cynthia A. McNicholas 
Solo Practitioners and Small Firms  Chair: Michael F. Wenke 
Special Education/Representing Special Needs Children       Chair: D. Daniel Woody 
Tennis  Chair:  Joseph A. Malley, III 
Trial Practices-Criminal Division  Chair: Arthur T. Donato, Jr. 
Trial Practices-Civil Division  Chair: Mark S. Pinnie 
Unauthorized Practice of Law  Chair: J. Michael Sheridan 
Visitation  Chair: Donald W. Lehrkinder, Sr. 
Workers' Compensation  Chair: James R. Flandreau